Leo Theodore Barceloux | Fern Tibessart Barceloux

Leo was born to George and Emma Barceloux on January 5, 1909.  He grew up with 4 other brothers in Orland, where he remained his whole life except his military service in the Army Air Corps during World War II.  He attended Orland Public Schools and Chico State College.  Later, he became a local insurance agent.  With three other brothers (Reeve, Melvin, Edgar), he founded auto parts stores in Orland and Willows.  He was a longtime member of the Knights of Columbus, St. Dominic’s Church, and the Chico Elks Lodge.Fern Dale Tibessart was born on August 6th, 1910 to Maud and John Tibessart, the local postmaster.  She graduated from Orland High School; then, she attended Chico State College and University of California at Berkeley.  Fern moved to the Bay Area where she became a teacher.  After the death of her first husband, she moved back to Orland and married Leo on February 12, 1962.  She was an active member of St. Dominic’s Church, Friends of the Orland Library, the Orland Historical Society, and the Orland Women’s Improvement Club.

Leo and Fern were dedicated to the improvement of the Orland community, funding scholarships at the local schools and community colleges.  As their commitment to the community, they founded the Barceloux-Tibessart Foundation.  This foundation has funded over 30 non-profit organizations in the community of Orland.

Serving the Community of Orland, California since 2005.