The Foundation Advisory Committee

The Barceloux-Tibessart Advisory Committee was established in 2005 to select which organizations will receive grants from the Barceloux-Tibessart Trust.  Each year, the Committee reviews current applications and decides on the annual distribution of Trust funds allocated by the Trustee, Joan Stoner.  The members of the committee consist of lineal descendants of Fern and Leo Barceloux.  The following are the current members of the Committee:

  • Dr. Donald & Kimberly Barceloux
  • Michael & Shannon Leggieri
  • Colin Barceloux
  • John Barceloux
  • Alan & Judy Barceloux
  • Peter & Carol Barceloux
  • Reeve Barceloux
  • Kelly Barceloux-Conboy
  • Andy Collins
  • Pat & Heather Collins
  • Rod & Marianne Greer
  • Lynne Barceloux Lemon
  • Peggy Tibessart John
  • Erin Greer Schill
  • Todd Meyer
  • Wendy Meyer
  • Jo Collins-Tibessart
  • Joan Stoner, Trustee
  • James H. Braziel
  • James A. Braziel

Serving the Community of Orland, California since 2005.