This Foundation was created by Leo and Fern Barceloux for the purpose of funding religious, charitable, scientific, literary, and educational organizations benefiting people in and around the community of Orland, California.  Our Foundation strives to respond to the needs of all eligible non-profit organizations under the guiding principles established by Leo and Fern Barceloux.  Distributions from the Foundation are made only to charitable organizations as described in section 170(c) of the Internal Revenue Code and not to individuals. Each year the Barceloux-Tibessart Advisory Committee decides how to distribute the available funds.

Stoner and Associates

Trustee: Joan E. Stoner
(530) 893-8761
3120 Cohasset Road, Suite 8
Chico, CA 95973

Advisory Committee

  • Dr. Donald & Kimberly Barceloux
  • Michael & Shannon Leggieri
  • Colin Barceloux
  • John Barceloux
  • Alan & Judy Barceloux
  • Peter & Carol Barceloux
  • Reeve Barceloux
  • Kelly Barceloux-Conboy
  • Andy Collins
  • Pat & Heather Collins
  • Rod & Marianne Greer
  • Lynne Barceloux Lemon
  • Peggy Tibessart John
  • Erin Greer Schill
  • Todd Meyer
  • Wendy Meyer
  • Jo Collins-Tibessart
  • Joan Stoner, Trustee
  • James H. Braziel
  • James A. Braziel

Application Guidelines

Applications submitted after May 31st will need to be resubmitted the following year.  Thank you for helping to improve the community in and around Orland as envisioned by Fern and Leo Barceloux.  You will be notified in a timely manner of the receipt of your completed grant application.  The Foundation considers one or more of the following conditions during the evaluation of a grant application:

  • Application legibility.
  • How the project benefits the community in and around Orland.
  • Sufficient support exists to ensure that the project will be implemented and continue to benefit the community after the grant period.
  • The proposal efficiently uses grant funds.
  • The project is well planned and includes a description of how the grant from the Barceloux-Tibessart Foundation will be recognized.
  • The expenses of the project are reduced by sharing other resources when applicable.
  • The application involves specific projects or programs rather than funding general operations.

Any organization that fails to comply with GUR REQUIREMENTS will not be considered.

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