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On: May 23, 2019 @ 2:12 PM

    • Date: 05/24/19
    • Name of Organization: Orland Community Scholarship Association
    • Street Address: 4615 County Road KK (PO Box 1084)
    • City: Orland
    • State: CA
    • Zip: 95963

    • Contact Person: Sandi Donnelley, President
    • Phone: 530-865-3665
    • Email: [email protected]
    • Tax Exempt No.: 237062706

  • Dollar Amount Requested: 1,000
  • Minimum Dollar Amount Needed (Amount To Start Project): 1,000
  • Estimated Completion Date: 05/29/20
  • Did You Receive Funds Last Year?: No
  • Did you complete a GUR?:
  • 1. Mission of Organization: To raise funds for the purpose of awarding scholarships to graduating senior students of Orland High School, as specified in Articles of Incorporation filed February 2, 1971 (copy attached [OCSA_ArticlesofIncorporation.docx]).
  • 2. Description of Project: Establish a scholarship fund in the name of the "Leo and Fern Barceloux Memorial". The scholarship would be awarded to one ($1,000) or two (at $500 each) graduating seniors in the Class of 2020. Future grant applications could be submitted annually for classes thereafter. Criterion may be specified by the Foundation at the time grant monies are distributed. Barceloux family members have supported OCSA monetarily and through service to the organization over the years since its inception. Fern Barceloux served on the board and recruited Janet Wackerman, our current Recording Secretary, to serve with her in the early 1980's. A limited search of our archives found that a Leo Barceloux scholarship of $750 was awarded in 1993, but today there are no scholarships awarded under the Barceloux name. After her parents passed away, Harvey and Nicole (Barceloux) Moranda funded scholarships in memory of Mel (Leo's brother) and Helen Barceloux, and after Nicole died in 1998, Harvey continued to fund scholarships for all three through 2007.
  • 3. Explain how this project benefits the people in and around the community of Orland.: People in and around Orland benefit when a scholarship recipient completes higher education and then may return to the community to seek employment, start a business, patronize existing businesses, or otherwise serve the community.
  • 4. Project expenditures including all materials, labor, fees (upload Word, PDF, or Excel): OCSA_ArticlesofIncorporation (05-23-19-02-12-01).docx (999 kB)
  • Bids and any other supporting documents.: OCSA Background 2019 (05-23-19-02-12-01).docx (19 kB)
  • 5. What sources other than the Foundation are available to fund the project:: None. If grant is not approved, no scholarship will be awarded under the "Leo and Fern Barceloux Memorial".
  • 6. How shall the grant be recognized by your organization? (newspaper, thank you note, plaque, etc.): OCSA thank you letter (usually mailed within 30 days of receipt of donation) and another thank you letter stating scholarship recipient's name (including photo at awards assembly, if available; expected mailing in February 2021). Thank you notes from the scholarship recipient after awards assembly in May 2020 and when funds are claimed (no later than September 2021, unless an extension is approved).
  • 7. Attach organization’s current year’s budget: OCSA_ExpEst_ 2019 (05-23-19-02-12-01).docx (15 kB)
  • 8. Attach organization’s previous year’s financial statements: OCSA_FinStmt_2019 (05-23-19-02-12-01).docx (17 kB)
  • Grant Utilization Report Contact Name: Jane Richardson, Corresponding Secretary
  • Grant Utilization Report Contact Phone: 530-519-8151
  • Grant Utilization Report Contact Email: [email protected]

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