Grant Application

On: May 13, 2019 @ 9:21 PM

    • Date: 05/13/19
    • Name of Organization: Lake Elementary School District
    • Street Address: 4672 County Road N
    • City: Orland
    • State: CA
    • Zip: 95963

    • Contact Person: Nikol Baker
    • Phone: 5308651255
    • Email: [email protected]
    • Tax Exempt No.: 262266978

  • Dollar Amount Requested: $11,000.00
  • Minimum Dollar Amount Needed (Amount To Start Project): 50% deposit, $5,500.00
  • Estimated Completion Date: 08/01/19
  • Did You Receive Funds Last Year?: No
  • Did you complete a GUR?: Yes
  • 1. Mission of Organization: The Lake Elementary School District is committed to the philosophy that children are capable of learning. We believe in providing an educational program which emphasizes the development of the whole child. We believe that the individual needs of every student can best be met by providing a stimulating environment based on school staff and community.
  • 2. Description of Project: Lake Elementary staff, students, and community have been researching the idea of an updated marquee sign for several years. Purchase and installation of digital sign at Lake Elementary School is a frequent conversation at board meetings, staff meetings and PTO meetings. Our current marquee is dated and falling apart. A digital sign would allow us to post timely notifications to parents and the surrounding community.
  • 3. Explain how this project benefits the people in and around the community of Orland.: A school has a tough job when it comes to communicating well with students, parents and the community. One simple way to reduce the stress of ensuring everyone gets announcements is through a digital marquee sign. Below are three reasons how this project would benefit the community around Lake Elementary:1. Parents Stay Connected
    When teachers ask students to tell their parents about upcoming events, or send papers home announcing them, students often forget, and papers get lost. A LED display is a simple way for parents to get up-to-date information while they are dropping their children off at school or driving by.2. Boosts School Spirit
    The community often misses out on supporting school events when community members aren’t aware of them, made more challenging because our school is not within a residential area in which famiies often drive by. With a LED sign, we can communicate more effectively to the entire community to increase engagement. Large community turnouts at school events encourages students and lifts school spirit.

    3. Cost-Effective
    The best way to invest in productive school communication is a digital display. Instead of spending valuable time and money on costly announcement letters, or calling home, a more economical, higher-quality method of sharing news is through a LED sign.

  • 4. Project expenditures including all materials, labor, fees (upload Word, PDF, or Excel):
  • Bids and any other supporting documents.: GRS Quote Single Sided (05-13-19-09-21-22).pdf (102 kB)
  • 5. What sources other than the Foundation are available to fund the project:: Our local PTO has committed to providing additional financial support.
  • 6. How shall the grant be recognized by your organization? (newspaper, thank you note, plaque, etc.): The grant will be recognized on the sign and/or frame itself. Additionally, special recognition will be made at a school-wide assembly as well as the local newspaper and the school's website and Facebook page.
  • 7. Attach organization’s current year’s budget: Profit _Loss_Report_from_Lake_Panthers_PTO (05-13-19-09-21-22).pdf (40 kB)
  • 8. Attach organization’s previous year’s financial statements: Balance_Sheet_Report_from_Lake_Panthers_PTO (05-13-19-09-21-22).pdf (28 kB)
  • Grant Utilization Report Contact Name: Nikol Baker
  • Grant Utilization Report Contact Phone: 5308651255
  • Grant Utilization Report Contact Email: [email protected]

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