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On: Apr 11, 2020 @ 1:08 PM

    • Date: 04/11/2020
    • Name of Organization: Orland Volunteer Fire Department
    • Street Address: 810 5th Street
    • City: Orland
    • State: CA
    • Zip: 95963

    • Contact Person: John McDermott
    • Phone: 530 321-3737
    • Email: [email protected]
    • Tax Exempt No.: 942597615

  • Dollar Amount Requested: $17,948
  • Minimum Dollar Amount Needed (Amount To Start Project): $8,974 or an amount acceptable to the Foundation
  • Estimated Completion Date: 08/31/2020
  • Did You Receive Funds Last Year?: No
  • Did you complete a GUR?: Yes
  • 1. Mission of Organization: The mission of the Orland Volunteer Fire Department is to protect the citizens and property of the City of Orland and the Orland Fire Protection District. We provide fire suppression, medical services, multidiscipline rescue and public service in the Orland area. We also provide mutual aid to the surrounding northern Glenn County fire departments, Black Butte Lake recreation area and southern Tehama county. We have been serving the community of Orland for over 109 years. We finally have a paid Fire Chief and remain professionally staffed by an all volunteer fire department thanks to generous donations from foundations like yours and the citizens of our community.
  • 2. Description of Project: Our goal is to purchase a LUCAS 3.1 mechanical CPR device, associated equipment and supplies. With this equipment we will increase the survivability of our citizens and visitors from sudden cardiac arrest in the Orland/Northern Glenn County area. The LUCAS device provides mechanical compressions during CPR allowing Fire/EMS personnel to perform other tasks on scene. Please see the attached documents.
  • 3. Explain how this project benefits the people in and around the community of Orland.: The most common calls that the Orland Volunteer Fire Department responds to is medical aids and as our population ages and people live longer we anticipate an increase in sudden cardiac arrest. The implementation of the LUCAS 3.1 mechanical CPR device into our Prehospital EMS delivery system will give our patients a much better chance of survival.Specific benefits of the LUCAS device include:1. A LUCAS device circulates blood faster and more completely. Medications that reach the heart from improved circulation increase the effectiveness of defibrillation.2. Improved circulation of blood causes the veins to be more visible, making it easier for our responding paramedic to initiate an IV for fluid and medication administration.

    3. Using the LUCAS device will reduce the potential for injury to firefighter since they can remain seated and restrained in the ambulance assisting paramedics while the device provides consistent, quality chest compressions.

    4. The device reduces rib fractures and cartilage damage when compared to manual compressions during CPR.

    5. The use of a LUCAS device has shown to improve coronary perfusion pressure during cardiac arrest. Improving coronary perfusion pressure improves oxygenation of the heart and increases the likelihood of successful defibrillation into a perfusing rhythm and return of spontaneous circulation.

    We will have the LUCAS mechanical CPR device in service within sixty days after we receive funding. Evaluation and effectiveness of the equipment will take place after each use and reported to our local emergency medical service administrator (LEMSA). This equipment should be in service for fifteen years and possibly longer.

    Impact on our northern Glenn County area will be life-changing. Having the ability to provide effective mechanical compression to persons in cardiac arrest will improve survivability of our citizens and visitors. Mechanical compression will significantly reduce stress and fatigue on our limited volunteer resources and help the ambulance crews during ground transport to medical centers over thirty minutes away. We all want our patients to survive a cardiac arrest and this equipment will provide the best possible outcome.

    Supplies and future replacement of pads and batteries will be purchased by the Orland Volunteer Fire Department using the limited donations we receive. Maintenance and readiness will be provided by the dedicated professional Orland Volunteer Firefighters.

  • 4. Project expenditures including all materials, labor, fees (upload Word, PDF, or Excel): LUCAS 3.1 Grant (04-11-20-01-08-22).pdf (793 kB)
  • Bids and any other supporting documents.: LUCAS 3.1 Grant (04-11-20-01-08-22).pdf (793 kB)
  • 5. What sources other than the Foundation are available to fund the project:: Donations collected from our annual spaghetti feed is the other major contributor to this project besides the Foundation. We appreciate your continued support.
  • 6. How shall the grant be recognized by your organization? (newspaper, thank you note, plaque, etc.): We have continuously shown our appreciation for the generosity of the Barceloux-Tibessart Foundation grant through press releases on social media and throughout the town via word-of-mouth. Thank you again for your generous support.
  • 7. Attach organization’s current year’s budget: 1920finalbudget2019 23 (04-11-20-01-08-22).pdf (30 kB)
  • 8. Attach organization’s previous year’s financial statements: 1920finalbudget2019 23 (04-11-20-01-08-22).pdf (30 kB)
  • Grant Utilization Report Contact Name: John McDermott
  • Grant Utilization Report Contact Phone: 530 321-3737
  • Grant Utilization Report Contact Email: [email protected]

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